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Mobile Sessions: Chapter One 

Tillamook, Oregon

Over the past few months, Jeremy came up with idea of packing up only the essential items needed for recording and hitting the road with friends and musicians. 

As the minimalist lifestyle continues to grow within our culture, why not apply that same principal to music ? By taking only the most essential equipment and learning to use the environment around you, your creativity can be set free in a whole new way. 

Last night we packed up the car, studio pup and all, and headed for the Oregon coast. Snow topped mountains sliding into a crisp winter valley awaited us in Tillamook, Oregon. We took with us two dear friends and beautiful musicians, Adam Black (Common Hours) and Ariel Cook ( Ariel Roxanne). 

Fueled by fresh local coffee, Jeremy turned a living room into his own home studio filled with musical talents. There, in a warm home hugged by the freshly damp winter trees, recording and producing of the song “Looking for Anyone” came to life. 

Use Filter Freak by Soundtoys to spice up your indie pop track


Hello world,

In this video I talk about how to use a really cool plug-in by Soundtoys called “Filter Freak” to turn a simple Wurlitzer chord progression into a lively dance synthesizer.

I’ve found that it’s always important to keep a “macro view” of your track. For instance, something in solo might sound completely insane, but in the context of the entire production, it adds a very subtle, tasteful character to the song. This idea is accentuated & expanded upon in this video.

Leave a comment below to let me know if you agree or disagree! JM